Traditionally companies have had to design and build their own long handle tools (LHT). We are going to bet that every one of these companies have had to go through a learning curve and some tough lessons learned. You can avoid that learning curve and use our proven designs.

The heart of any Long Handle Tool (LHT) technology is the design of the Long Handle Pole (LHP) that delivers the tool. We have gone through several generations of pole designs and worked with poles from other suppliers. Our designs are based on technician and radiation protection department (health physics) feedback. Our LHP's has been field proven and the tools of choice when matched against other commercially available long handle tools.

At the end of the pole is the tool. One of the most common tools is the gripper. We have several types of gripper that use a single quick release pin to mount to our poles (talk about quick and simple!). One of our "Pliers" type of grippers is shown picking up a wire tie (shown above) and a small screw (shown to left). This same gripper can also grab larger objects because of the jaw design. We offer standard turnkey systems with gripper, pole, and pneumatic controls. Custom designed tools for specific applications are also available.

We are always looking for feedback from using our tools and are looking for your help. If you are a user of our long handle poles or long handle tools we want to hear from you. And if you don't have our tools, help us make your job easier (and safer) by sharing with us your lessons learned with other tools. Click here for more information.

Primarily used in fuel pool work and decommissioning, our tools can be adapted for use on many remote applications.

Some of the more popular Long Handle Tools are:
Grippers (various) J-hooks (various)
Sockets Hex Keys (Allen wrenches) Impact Wrenches
Reciprocating Saw Miniature Band Saw
Hydraulic Shears (various sizes) Inspection Camera
Measuring Tools Gauging Tools
Grinders Polishing Tools
Ground Clamp EDM Boat Sample Tools
MDM Cutting Tools

Contact Us with your specific tool requirements.

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