While we pride ourselves in being able to design, fabricate, and deliver the best tools for a customers situation, we don't want to over design. If your situation does not require a high tech tool, we won't recommend one. Many times an existing tool can be modified for an application. This is both cost effective and quick.

Here are some examples of standard tools modified for unique applications:
Remote operated miniature band saw (Porta-band).
Remote operated reciprocating saw (Sawz-all).
Remote operated E. H. Wachs Guillotine saws.
Remote operated band saw for maximum 8 inch pipe.
Bridgeport style mill for vessel segmentation.
Bridgeport style mill for underwater Core Barrel modification.
Pneumatic Impact Wrenches.
Pneumatic and electric Grinders.
Liburdi Dimetrics F and G heads with cutting torches.
Liburdi Dimetrics heads converted for Dry Fuel Storage Canister lid welding.
Liburdi Dimetrics straight track rolled to any size curved track.
Pneumatic Chisels.
OD machine for Dry Fuel Storage Canister lid removal.
OD machine modified to carry X-ray head.
Remote operated electric Dremel tools.
Boring Bars converted for various unique machining applications.
Hand held weld torches mounted to remote manipulator.