Top Nuclear Swag from WM2010.

Several of our friends at the Water Management Symposia 2010 in Arizona thought that there should be some recognition of the best exhibitor giveaways (a.k.a. "Nuclear Swag"). Years ago this was done in the event's newsletter, but someone mentioned that the Internet should be the new platform. As a screaming stuffed monkey flew past me, I offered to host the prestigious "Top Nuclear Swag" on the PlantD web page. A panel of show attendees was assembled the last day of the exhibit, plus I asked random people their favorites, and the best of the best swag was evaluated. There was no hands-down winner, so I am listing the top items in the "general" order with highest favorites at the top of the list.

The Screaming Flying Monkey (from PermaFix). With elastic arms containing pockets to fit over your fingers, this fly boy would slingshot distances that would make an overachieving Beta ray jealous. But unlike the Beta, the monkey screams out during the flight to let you know it is coming. Rumors of a "Farthest Flying Monkey" contest were heard at a few of the after parties.

Nuclear Energy Powder (from How can you not appreciate something like a freeze-dried energy drink? A selection of colorful test tubes with radiation symbols on them and cute names like "Plutonium" and "Radium" all filled with 90mg of caffeine.

The Ball That Changes Color (from River Technologies). This was a very sought after item at the show. You pick up this white plastic ball, flip it into the air, and it changes color to black when it lands. Do it again and it is white. Repeat as necessary to believe that it really changed colors.

Light Up Light Bulb Pen (from EnergySolutions). Not your typical "pen with a light", but the back end is spherical like a light bulb. And not a constant glow but a "flicker" light. The Cherenkov Blue pen was a natural for this show.

Ball with Blue LEDs (From URS Corporation). A innocent looking rubber ball, but bounce it and a pair of blinking blue LED's turn on. A simple item but very popular.

Post it Pen (from Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International). A ball-point pen with Post-It brand "flag" dispenser built into the body.

Wrap around Drink Insulator (from Bartlett). While there were several exhibitors with Can Koozies (or Cozies), this one was unique for a few reasons. This is a flat item that "snaps" around a bottle or can (or wrist). In addition, these had "WM2010" imprinted on them. Branding an item for a specific show is worth a few extra points on my judge's card (I wanted to do that for our booth giveaways!).

If I missed anyone's favorites, please let me know. And for next year.

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