In The News (2005)

September, 1 2005
Plant Compiles Reactor Dismantlement History recently attended the ANS DD&R 2005 Meeting and Expo in Denver. After talking to people we found that there is very little information available on how previous reactor dismantlement was performed. When a plant is thinking about the options for their reactor disposal they need to do research just to to find out basic information on previous projects. For instance, was abrasive water jet used more often than mechanical cutting? Where does someone find this data? It's not on the Internet; until now.

Because taking apart reactors is what we consider to be our specialty we thought we would help out. We have put on the Internet basic information of previous nuclear reactor decommissionings. Cutting process used, who performed the work, if the reactor was taken apart or disposed of whole are some of the items listed.

We hope this information is useful. We also hope that you will contact us when you need more information for planning your reactor dismantlement. From initial conceptual Segmentation and Packaging Plan to placing your reactor (steam generator, pressurizer, or other large component) into liners we can assist you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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