In The News (2006)

August, 2006
Fuel Pool Sight Windows

Once the primary way to view underwater tools, the floating sight window has been replaced by new PTZ underwater video systems. However many pole operators still find these "low tech" tools very useful. PlantD now has a standard 31-inch (780mm) square window designed specifically for underwater nuclear work. Please contact us for details.


February, 2006
PlantD Turnkey Video Systems will now offer turnkey nuclear video systems. Over the years we have put together some of the best cameras, lights, and monitors available for nuclear work and made complete systems. Now we offer "nuclear grade" video systems to everyone.

While making video systems for a project is nothing new, we found nobody offered a complete turnkey system. Project Managers needed to contact several suppliers to put a system together. Can any PM out there remember being able to write only one purchase order and get everything? No more shopping the Internet, "shotgunning" with e-mail's, then filling out requisitions for the different vendors, then approving PO's and then again approving their payment. Sound familiar? Well, no more.

As always our systems are based on reality. Items that are readily available, keeping it simple, and getting the job done. Items that technicians and project managers have used, abused, and approved.

Until then please contact us for details.

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