In The News (2007)

October, 2007
New Modular Gripper Offered introduces an updated design of their gripper End Effectors. A new modular design allows a single gripper End Effector or Long Handle Tool (LHT) to be adapted with optional jaws to increase the range (size and shape) of objects to be picked up and/or manipulated. Customers that purchase a gripper for a unique application can now use the same gripper for a new application. This reduces the amount of contaminated parts generated plus saves the cost of buying a complete second gripper End Effector. has offered nuclear power plants a very robust and "Technician Friendly" modular Long Handle Pole (LHP) system for several years. Originally designed for under water use in fuel pools, these heavy duty tools were a welcome relief in the D&D market. Where typical Long Handle Poles would bend or break, the tools would get the job done.

The D&D daily chores are not as delicate as those in a spent fuel pool. In addition to long handle sockets, hex keys, pliers, and small grippers, the D&D market required heavy duty grippers. A "Claw" style gripper was designed specifically for the need to crab debris and move it to liners or boxes.

See the web site for more information.


September, 2007
The ANS Topical on DD&R Expo

Chattanooga, Tennessee was the location for the semiannual D&D related event. We would like to thank Joe Carignan (the General Chair) for the time he spent with us and wish him luck in his new position.


February, 2007
Waste Management 2007 Symposia

The Tucson weather offered a great reason to be outside while talking with old friends in the D&D and maintenance branches of our industry. We look forward to 2008 at Phoenix.

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