In The News (2009)

October, 2009
PlantD Segmentation Plan in Use

Eight (8) highly contaminated Steam Generators have been successfully segmented at McGuire NPP. The segmentation plan used was created by PlantD has generated several Segmentation and Packaging Plans for reactors, reactor internals, and other large nuclear components. These have been used by various contractors in the nuclear industry.

Reactor vessels, reactor internals, steam generators, and other large components typically require a cut plan to follow for size reduction. Cut lines are determined by several factors such as radiation levels, waste classification, burial liner size, liner staging, component weight, cutting method, and contamination spread.

PlantD's segmentation and packaging plans (S&P Plan) start backwards. Knowing the component's final destination drives the position of cut line. PlantD's S&P Plans also consider Safety, ALARA, cut times, equipment limitations, minimizing risks, and logistics. Experience in every technology used to date for large irradiated component cutting assures the customer that the PlantD S&P Plan considered all available options.

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June, 2009
The Big Rock Point RV Journey

Mike Papp tells of the final journey to Barnwell. Download the story linked in our recent update of the Big Rock Point reactor history.

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