In The News (2010)

December, 2010
Reactor Internals Segmentation Equipment

The group has entered into an agreement with a machine builder to provide design services for an upcoming commercial nuclear power plant decommissioning project. The equipment being proposed will do fully remote underwater mechanical cutting. has its headquarters in Lake Villa, Illinois and is approximately 15-miles away from the Zion Station Nuclear Power Plant.

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March, 2010
Waste Management 2010 would like to say thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth. We have also volunteered to host the "Top Nuclear Swag of WM2010" on our web site. Click here for that link.

March, 2010
New Sight Window premiers at WM2010 adds a new shape for our underwater viewing Sight Window product line. We will have one to examine at our booth at the Waste Management 2010 Symposia. As with all our products we value feedback from those in the field that use our equipment. We constantly apply the lessons learned to all our designs. One example of design improvement is our sight window line.

Based on our traditional four-sided window, we now offer an eight-sided octagon shaped sight window. This shape allows for less drag in the water (such as when pulled by a refueling mast). It also reduces the risk of "catching" a corner.

All our Standard Sight Windows are sealed with an inert gas to reduce condensation. This design prevents water from collecting inside an "open top" design and prevents sinking. All come with bolt-on aluminum manipulating brackets. These allow quick rope tie off and easy manipulation by long handle J-poles. Very handy for fuel and typical nuclear reactor pool work such as refueling and inspection.

Stop by our booth at WM2010 held March 7 through March 10, 2010 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona.

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February, 2010
PlantD at WM2010 will be attending the Waste Management 2010 show in Phoenix, Arizona this year. Please contact us if you would like to set up a time to meet and talk.

PlantD will be one of the sponsors at the Nuclear Decommissioning 'networking session' at the WM2010 Symposia Conference. This is hosted by the "Nuclear Decommissioning" subgroup of LinkedIn. This will take place on Tuesday, March 9th from 5:00-6:30 PM in Room 102A of the Phoenix Convention Center (watch for signs). Snacks and soft drinks will be provided in addition to a cash bar. The LinkedIn Nuclear Decommissioning Subgroup welcomes any and all persons interested in the topic of nuclear decommissioning. There is no requirement to formally join any group.

Please contact us for more information.

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