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December 27, 2013
PlantD Assists in Zion Fuel Loading

During the loading of the first NAC International MAGNASTOR dry fuel canister, ZionSolutions fuel handlers had an idea for a tool that would help assure smooth loading. Unfortunately this was Sunday December 22 and most businesses were shut down for the Christmas holiday. As we in the business know, fuel canister loading knows no holidays!

At 9 am on Monday December 23, engineering and manufacturing representatives were on site brainstorming with ZionSolutions. A concept CAD model of a Fuel Guide was accepted and materials were ordered. The first Fuel Guide was delivered to site at 6 am on December 24 (Christmas Eve). This remarkable turnaround time gave room in the schedule to allow for the Fuel Guides to be refined with a few improvements. The final set of "field approved" Fuel Guides where delivered to site on schedule.


December 18, 2013
Siempelkamp Segmentation Team Captures First Place

For the past few years, two groups from the Zion Reactor Segmentation scope of work get to battle it out to see who is the fastest: in race Karts. Representing was the Team that did the design and fabrication for most of the major tools that Siempelkamp Nuclear Services (SNS) is using for segmenting the Westinghouse reactor vessel internals (RVI). This friendly rivalry is important to maintain open and honest communications between those that build a machine and those that operate the machine.

Oh, in case anyone is curious, Siempelkamp claimed the championship for 2013.


September 16, 2013
From Humboldt Bay to Zion

Instead of sitting idle waiting to ship to Humboldt Bay, a cutting tool designed and built by PlantD took a detour to the Zion Decommissioning. Siempelkamp Nuclear Services (SNS) is performing work at both decommissioning projects, so they saved schedule by using an "off the shelf" item to address an emergent situation. A hydraulic operated cutting spindle was returned to PlantD to be quickly modified to be incorporated into a Rigging Hole Cutter (RHC). It was tested on a simplified Core Barrel mockup before being delivered to the Zion site. Although this PlantD spindle is considered "standard", each design is slightly improved based on our lessons learned on each project.


April 30, 2013
Supporting the Zion GTCC Loading

Recently provided several pieces of equipment to ZionSolutions to support the Reactor Decommissioning and packaging of GTCC (Greater Than Class C) irradiated hardware. Like the nuclear fuel, the GTCC will remain on the Zion site in dry storage. While fuel packing has the spotlight, GTCC canisters actually give off more radiation than the fuel. To keep the person exposure As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA), extensive preplanning is needed. Beside supplying equipment, PlantD is assisting Zion with a full time person on site to help plan. This photo shows some of the equipment being delivered to site.


March, 2013
Waste Management Symposia WM2013 would like to thank everyone that said hello to us at Waste Management 2013 Symposia at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona. PlantD once more had an exhibit, this year talking about the tools and equipment we have supplied for the Zion reactor decommissioning the past year. Please contact us if we can help you in planning your reactor segmentation and decommissioning effort.


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