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September 6, 2014
PlantD in Charlotte

The PlantDecommissioning (PD) group will be attending the upcoming "Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit" October 1 - 2 in Charlotte NC. Like previous years, we look forward to face to face time with our friends, customers, and vendors. If you would like to set a time to meet during this time or the days after the summit, please contact Russ or Jeanne at 847-265-8800.


May 30, 2014
An Ending and a Beginning

PlantDecommissioning group celebrated two milestones in May 2014. At the Zion Decommissioning, the last of the three major remote segmentation tools we designed and fabricated were retired. Our remote style cutting machines did the first major cut on the Zion reactor vessel internals (RVI) in May 2012. Although our large machines are now themselves decommissioned, we are still fabricating smaller equipment for Siempelkamp Nuclear Services to perform their final RVI cutting in Unit-1.

May 2014 also saw the first cuts made on the Humboldt Bay Reactor Vessel (RV). Back in January 2011, PlantD proposed to the owner (PG&E) a unique segmentation approach for the RV. PG&E adopted the PlantD plan and awarded the work to a PlantD/Siempelkamp Nuclear Services (SNS) joint proposal. It is rewarding to see a plan sketched on a PG&E white board over 3 years ago being performed today.


February 22, 2014
Helping to Expedite Zion's RVI Segmentation

Although the majority of the Reactor Vessel Internals (RVI) at the Zion decommissioning are being segmented using mechanical cutting, some Abrasive Wire Sawing (AWS) is required. Siempelkamp Nuclear Services (SNS) doing the RVI work found that they could speed up the AWS cutting but at the cost of faster wear on the saw.

On Friday afternoon, SNS predicted the faster cutting would deplete inventory of a critical component on the saw in the next few days. At 3 PM they authorized the PlantD manufacturing division to expedite manufacturing of this key part. PlantD applied their Operating Experience from previous AWS designs and recommended a more durable material for this part. Raw material was located and then delivered to PlantD that evening, and fabrication completed Saturday afternoon.

There is no substitution for experience. Unlike most "cutting" companies that only have one or two types of cutting processes, the PlantD staff has experience with all the processes used on reactor vessels and their internals since Three Mile Island (TMI-2) Recovery in the 1980's. This offers our clients a wider range of cutting choices. PlantD currently supports the Zion and Humboldt Bay decommissioning projects with design, manufacture, and SME (Subject Matter Experts). Our "unique" Reactor Vessel segmentation approach is currently being utilized at Humboldt Bay.


January 26, 2014
Waste Management Symposia WM2014 will be at Booth #806 at the Waste Management 2014 Symposia. We are located next to EnergySolutions by the East Lounge area. The WM2014 exhibition hall will be open Sunday, March 2 through Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona. The Symposia brings together those in the nuclear decommissioning industry at this yearly event.

Please contact us to set up a time for some one-on-one conversation to learn how we can help you.

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