Reactor Dismantlement History - USA only
Power, Test, and Research Reactors Dismantled or In Progress
revised 3 February 2016

Reactor Internals
Reactor Vessel
BGRR (Brookhaven)

Mechanical; dry unbolting and cutting.

Graphite chamber. Dry mechanical segmentation. Began using robotics. Finished with a Brokk.

Mechanical; saws.
Nut and bolt removal.
(Lacking detailed information).

Removed whole.
Mechanical cutting (turning), Diamond Wire, and MDM used to cut vessel piping (done dry).
Abrasive Water Jet (underwater).
MDM (underwater).
Removed whole.
Crystal River 3
See other sheet since decommissioning has not started. n/a.
CVTR (Parr)
Mechanical; dry cutting and unbolting. Few internals.
Vessel was a thin wall "Moderator Tank". Segmented dry with mechanical cutting.

Mostly Thermal (underwater and dry).

Mechanical; turning (dry),
Milling (dry).
Abrasive Water Jet (dry).
Thermal (dry).
Elk River
Size reduced by underwater plasma torch and explosives. Disposed of in waste liners. Size reduced by underwater plasma torch and disposed of in waste liners.
Fermi 1
94MWe Sodium
Mechanical cutting of internals done dry. Believe removed whole (awaiting a source to quote).
Fort St. Vrain
(Pre-stressed Concrete RV [PCRV])
Long Handle Tools (underwater), Some MDM Diamond Wire (dry),
Underwater divers using hand tools, Oxilance (dry).

75MWe Sodium

Possibly in the RV. Entombed.
Humboldt Bay-3
Remote Mechanical complete. Remote and hands-on mechanical dry segmentation complete.
574MWe PWR
See other sheet since decommissioning has not started. n/a.
La Crosse
Internals shipped inside RV. Removed whole 2007 (small RV).
Abrasive Water Jet (underwater) and Mechanical (underwater) Removed whole.
Mechanical (underwater). Still in place.
NS Savannah
(nuclear ship)
We assume the internals will remain in the vessel. We believe it will be removed whole (NRC web page has 2031).
Omega West
Mechanical (dry). Remote disassembly and limited cutting using Plasma Arc and mechanical shears for size reduction. Vessel was removed using remote tools (Track Hoe w/hammer & shear, BROKK w/hammer & shear as bioshield was demolished).
Possibly in the RV. Disposed of intact.
Plum Brook 1 (NASA)
Mechanical; nut and bolt remote removal, milling (dry; high dose). Thermal; limited use outside of RV (dry). Mechanical; milling, turning, and drilling (dry). Semi-remote.
Thermal; lower sections of RV (dry). Hands-on.
Plum Brook MUR (NASA)
Swimming pool
Swimming pool Rx. Mechanical; nut and bolt removal (dry; low dose).
N/A (swimming pool type Rx).
45MWt oil cooled
Possibly in the RV. Entombed.
Rancho Seco
913MWe PWR
Mechanical; sawing (underwater) with rotary and reciprocating blades. Diamond wire cut for RV Head.
Abrasive Water Jet (dry) for size reduction. The owner self performed the cutting.
San Onofre 1 (SONGS-1) Abrasive Water Jet (underwater).
MDM (underwater).
Removed whole and stored on-site. Shipping it whole has not been ruled out. Expected removal from site before 2022.
San Onofre 2/3 (SONGS-2 & 3) RVI segmentation planned 2016-2019. The RV's are planed on being segmented, however shipping them whole has not been discounted.
Believe grouted intact in Reactor Vessel (RV). Removed whole to Barnwell.
60MWe breeder
Thermal (underwater). Grouted inside Reactor Vessel (RV) Removed whole.
Thermal (underwater). Mechanical; turning (dry).
Thermal; (dry).
Sturgis (barge)
Possibly remaining in the RV. Possibly start 2016. Expect disposed of whole per USACE.
Santa Susana - Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE)
Size reduced by explosives and underwater plasma torch. Disposed of in waste liners. Size reduced by underwater plasma torch and disposed of in waste liners.
Thermal (underwater).
Possibly Abrasive Water Jet had limited "test" use.
Some internals still in place.

Still in place with no cutting. D&D to be completed with Unit-1 (2034)

Intact in Reactor Vessel (RV). Removed whole.
Waltz Will Removed per DP. Removed per DP.
Thermal (underwater). Removed whole.
Mechanical cutting (underwater) is complete. Segmentation (thermal and wire saw) is complete.

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The purpose of this information is to provide the reader with an overview of reactor disassembly activities. These facilities have completed or are in process of the reactor decommissioning process. The priority for this list are PWR's and BWR's in the United States; "swimming pool" type reactors generally will not be listed here. Other reactors or newsworthy projects may also be listed. Currently only USA facilities are listed. We will add facilities outside of the USA if we are provided with information.

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