Reactor Decommissioning History
Crystal River 3
revised 22-FEB-2014


Crystal River 3 has a commercial Babcock and Wilcox (B&W) 860 MWe 2-loop PWR power reactor. It went into service March 13, 1977 and last produced power September 2009. It is currently in SAFESTOR, with reactor work to be after 2050. There are also 4 non-nuclear units on the site that is located in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

It is sometimes referred to as the "Humpty Dumpty" plant because the containment building cracked during replacement of the steam generators in 2009. This delamination was repaired but additional cracking was found in 2011. In February 2013, with a worse case estimate of $3.4B, Duke Energy determined repairing the plant was not the economical choice.

Since the plant was repairable, the low price of natural gas at the time and not equipment failure drove the closure.

Reactor Decommissioning Specifics

Internals Removal
Nothing has been planned.

Reactor Vessel Removal
Nothing has been planned.

Segmentation and Packaging Plan (S&P Plan)
Nothing has been planned.

Key People
None at this time.

None regarding the reactors at this time.

In early 2014, Duke Energy estimated $1.2B to decommission the plant.

Related Publications and Documents
No published technical papers have been found relating to the decommissioning of this reactor or segmentation of the reactor internals.

A141002, A141003, A141004, A141005, and A141006. Our sources / references are on file and available.

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