Reactor Decommissioning History
Elk River
revised 2010-02-22


Elk River Demonstration Reactor (ERR) was a power producing BWR. Architect was Sargent & Lundy with NSSS being Allis-Chalmers. Power produced was 23.8 MWe and 58 MWt. It generated 53,000 MWD (Thermal). Startup was November 1962 and shut down January 1968.

Reactor decommissioning activities are believed complete.

Reactor Decommissioning Specifics

Internals Removal
Remote plasma tooling used was based on the design by Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL). We assume plasma cutting was also done by hands-on. Possibly some internals were size reduced using explosives.

Reactor Vessel Removal
Reactor was cut underwater using the remote operated plasma torch manipulator. Sections were put in shipping cask while underwater. Disposal was by land burial.

Segmentation and Packaging Plan (S&P Plan)
Dismantling Plan (SS-836)

Key People
Dan McConnon

Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) designed an/or built some equipment.

The Elk River plant had several "lives". Currently an energy-from-waste plant or Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), it was originally a coal and oil fired facility in 1950 then nuclear in 1963. After nuclear it was again coal and oil from 1968 to 1989.

The "Rural Cooperative Power Association" (RCPA which became Great River Energy) partnered with the Atomic Energy Commission in 1958 to bring the first nuclear power to Minnesota.

Related Publications and Documents
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