Our core staff has been in the nuclear industry for many years. During this time they have been contract or full time employees for various companies. As with any industry, once a designer or project manager develops an outstanding portfolio they can strike out on their own and be very successful. These are the people who we use.

Some of the following projects you may recognize. The same people that designed the supporting machines and tools will now be making your project successful through PlantDecommissioning.com.

Design of RV Internals Segmentation Tool (2012)
PlantD designed a tool to assist in removing pieces of the lower internals for a pair of Westinghouse 1000MWe reactors. This tool was 12-foot (3.6m) long and had two different cutting heads. Both heads utilized cold cutting technology to allow plates to be removed and placed in GTCC liners.

Zion Decommissioning Support (2011)
PlantD supported the Zion Decommissioning by supplying various support equipment, manufacturing, and design services directly to Zion Solutions.

Design of RV Internals Segmentation Tools (2011)
PlantD designed two large tools to assist in decommissioning a pair of Westinghouse 1000MWe reactors. One tool was 12-foot (3.6m) diameter and the other 34-feet (10m) tall. The tools utilized cold cutting technology to size reduce and disassemble the lower internals.

Humboldt Bay Unit-3 Reactor Segmentation Plan (2011)
PG&E had previously contracted a group to research and propose a segmentation method for the reactor vessel. The approach involved complex rigging and lifting of the reactor vessel. As we did with Plum Brook (NASA's reactor), PlantD proposed removing the highest curie content first using remote operated tooling. PG&E replaced the earlier approach with the PlantD plan.

Low Clearance Tube Welder (2009)
PlantD designed and supplied several specialty tube welding heads for a new construction. These were remotely operated it extremely tight clearance areas. No commercially available weld head could fit into the center of the tube "clusters". Tube size and schedule required that several different variations of weld heads be created.

McGuire S/G Segmentation Plan (2009)
PlantD authored the Segmentation Plan used to size reduce eight (8) highly contaminated Steam Generators at McGuire NPP. These had been in temporary storage on-site from earlier Steam Generator Replacement Projects (SGRP). Our Seg Plan was based off of lessons learned from the Segmentation and Packaging Plans we have done in the past.

Palisades Long Handle Tooling (2008)
PlantD supplied our Type 201 Long Handle Poles and "NN" gripper system for a fuel pool cleanup.

Rancho Seco Vessel Segmentation Equipment Proposal (2005)
This was the first large scale proposal that PlantDecommissiong.com bid as the prime contractor. Previously we had been a subcontractor or supplied the manpower for this type of large proposal. Our staff worked with three subcontractors to put together an Abrasive Water Jet concept based on lessons learned on previous nuclear reactor vessel segmentations.

CVTR (Parr) Vessel Segmentation Proposal (2005)
Responsible for the concept design of numerous tools and support equipment for the dry segmentation and dismantling of the reactor vessel. Responsible to approximate the cost for all these tools. Authored the Segmentation Plan and Waste Packaging Plan that was required in order to determine which tools were needed, when they were needed, and for how long.

NASA Plum Brook Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning (2001 - 2004).
Designed numerous tools, work platform, and equipment for the dry segmentation and dismantling of the reactor vessel. Examined drawings and videos to determine detailed nut and bolt removal of components. Authored the Segmentation Plan and Waste Packaging Plan. Click for more information.

Byron LSIV Guide Repair (2000).
Designed the multi-axis robotic arm that delivered and welded new parts inside of the valves without having to open the valve bonnet. Several other tools such as inspection and overview cameras, weld head, grinders, contingency weld repair, jacking mechanism, and spreader beam were qualified and successfully used at site.

Ringhals Boat Samples and Vessel Head Repair (1999, 2000).
Designed several EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines and delivery tools for ongoing sampling and support of head repair. From concept to tool qualification in less than 2 weeks.

Alloy 600 Repair Tooling (2000).
Part of design team for various tools to repair and operate remotely under the reactor vessel head. Tools included weld heads, EDM heads, grinding tools, video inspection, etc.

Calvert Cliffs Steam Generator Replacement (2001, 2003).
Designed various support equipment for the cutting and prepping of the new and old steam generators.

Savannah River (1985).
Designed a 5-axis robotic arm which interfaced with the Westinghouse ROSA controller. All items had to enter the vessel through a 4-inch diameter hole that was 30 feet away from the work area. This robotic arm controlled several End Effectors for various duties. Designed Mold and PT inspection End Effectors, and various delivery tools for other End Effectors. Adapted cameras for work with gripper tools.

TMI-2 Recovery (1987).
Our designers were the majority of the team that designed the 4-axis robotic manipulator arm to plasma cut the lower internals. Responsible for the design of several End Effectors and delivery tools. Designed full size mockup to simulate part of the lower internals. Calculated optimum cut paths for component removal and waste packaging (later called a Segmentation and Packaging Plan).

J A Fitzpatrick (1994, 2000).
Performed site inspection and designed EDM Tools to remove brackets in spent fuel pool. Most recently designed an MDM (Metal Disintegration Machining) tool to remotely remove 3 different style brackets from the fuel pool wall and floor.

Connecticut Yankee Decommissioning (1999, 2000).
Designed numerous tools such as mechanical shears, MDM heads, unbolting tools, clamps, hole saws, and remote lift mechanisms for support of this project. Co-authored an early segmentation plan. Part of the team responsible for the liner loading and packaging plan.

Yankee Rowe Decommissioning (1999).
Designed tool for removing fuel pool upending machine.

Maine Yankee Decommissioning Segmentation Plan (1998).
Prepared a Segmentation Plan for WES (Wachs Energy Services) in support of their bid for the Reactor Internals Segmentation. Supplied CAD layouts, Technical Descriptions, and "White Papers" for their proposal. Cutting methods other than Abrasive Water Jet were evaluated and proposed.

Connecticut Yankee Thermal Shield Repair (1990).
Designed and assisted in the design of various mechanical, EDM, and MDM tools. Designed a 40-foot tall removable liner for the fuel pool that was constructed from modular 4 x 8-foot sections.

Trojan Internals Repair (1984).
Tools designed for this project included Plug Installation Tool, Plug Crimping Tool, Baffle Peening Tool, Gap Measuring Tool, Work Platform, and underwater inspection cameras. Also responsible for designing mockups.

Maine Yankee Thermal Shield Repair (1984).
Designed the 3-axis CNC Wall Mills, mockup for qualification and testing, and other support tools.

St. Lucie Core Barrel Repair (1983).
Designed the 3-axis CNC Wall Mills that mechanically cut the Thermal Shield.

Yong Wong, Korea Split Pin Replacement (1999).
Supplied the on site Tooling Engineer for the Westinghouse split pin replacement project.

Qin Shan Lower Internals Replacement (1999).
Designed several EDM Tools to create accurate size and location for counter bores. Also designed several mechanical cutting and gauging tools.

Fermi Cobalt Reduction Program (1993).
Design of the remote machining tool and support tooling to remove cobalt from gate valves. Designed the intricate gauging tools which were successfully used at site.

NASA Space Station Pipe Repair (1994).
Conceptual design and price estimate for a pipe repair machine to be operated in zero gravity conditions and by inexperienced operators.

AP & L Guide Tube Modification (1986).
Designed remotely installed and operated EDM tool to add multiple slots to instrument guide tubes while they were still assembled to the reactor head.

Canopy Seal Project (1988, 1989).
Designed Stalk Measuring Device, Stalk Cutter, and various mechanical adapters.

Byron 2 and Indian Point 3 Fuel Guide Pin Repair (1990).
Designed EDM and mechanical tooling to remove and straighten bent guide pins. Later design improvements for same work at D.C. Cook, Palisades, and Sequoyah.

Fort St. Vrain Decommissioning Support (1990-1994).
Design of various tooling to support the upcoming decommissioning efforts. Designed equipment for testing deep-water plasma cutting and early MDM electrode design for optimum cutting parameters.

Yankee Rowe Repair (1991).
Designed various EDM tools, gauges, delivery systems, inspection devices, and full-scale mockup.

Shoreham Decommissioning (1992).
Various tool and mockup designs.

Astro Arc Weld Head Upgrade (1992).
Modified existing camera system for use on Astro Arc weld heads.

Indian Point Tube Replacement (1993).
Part of design team for Steam Generator tube removal.

SEG Waste Blocks (1993).
Designed MDM tooling to add pocket for lift hooks to blocks of waste. Because of the high quantity of cuts required, electrodes and tools where designed for optimum speed.

RTD By-pass (1994).
Designed various EDM, MDM, and mechanical cutting tools for numerous RTD projects. Supported many of the project management activities.

Connecticut Yankee (1994).
Designed EDM Tool for Stop Plate Head.

Palisades Dry Fuel Storage (1994).
Designed mechanical cutting mill to remove and prep lid from dry storage cask.

Dresden-2 Reactor Vessel Drain Unplugging Project (1995).
This involved adapting special hot tap equipment for confined spaces and high pressure water lance equipment to remove debris trapped inside the reactor vessel drain line.

Schonberg Pipeline Inspection (1995, 1996).
Designed rotating delivery tool for X-ray inspection head to be operated remotely. Designed for quick setup in a hostile desert environment.

Digiray/Aramco Services Pipeline Inspection Rover (1996)
Quoted, specified, and generated the general design of a six-axis, hydraulic boom arm mounted on a portable vehicle. Used to manipulate x-ray inspection equipment on overhead piping in oil refineries.

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