Our team prides themselves on being able to design, fabricate, and deliver the best tools for a customer's situation. All of our Senior Designers have over 15 years experience in successfully designing tools for the nuclear industry. One of our designers was a Senior Vice-president of Engineering for a Westinghouse subsidiary. He alone holds 17 patents on industry related machines and tooling.

Why do we think we are the best choice for designing your tool? Many of our designers have gone to sites and worked in containment with these tools. Our designers understand the special requirements of a tool in containment. Ask your current or next designer some of these questions:

How hard is it to remove a #10 screw while wearing 2 pairs of gloves?
What about when you have to safety wire that screw?
What does "ALARA" stand for?
What does an HP say when fuel pool water drains out of a tool onto the floor?
How can we make it easier to operate this tool while watching it from a camera?
Do radiation levels merit a quick mounting design?
Should the vertical pipes supporting a work platform be water tight?
How many hoses going over the pool side are too many?
Why waste money color coding cables and hose connections?
Should we worry about crud traps and decon?

Customers don't like surprises when a tool arrives on site. Let us engineer the problem away before it happens. When you talk to our designers about your project you will realize how far we plan ahead.